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Our Mission

We empower young adults toward Christian Leadership.

We believe the local church is the one true movement God has initiated to bring hope to the world. With young adults leaving the church at alarming rates, the decline of morality in our society, and the rise of individualism in our culture, it often feels like a hopeless situation. But we see this as an opportunity. We believe God is raising a generation for “just a time as this” and we believe it’s time to re-introduce the world to the great love and hope of gospel through the local church. It’s time for revival. Young adults not only have a key role to play in all of this, we may need to lead the charge.


Our number one goal is to continue to grow in Christ.  We believe in God intended us to grow in community with each other, both with those who are in our own station of life, and with those who have gone ahead and are coming after us. ELEVATE is a complement to the local church in the effort to keep young adults active and engaged with God’s one mission to save the world. That means finding identity in Christ, and growing more like Him everyday.


God’s church is the only real movement! For whatever reason, God chose the collective “us” (the church) to share with the world the hope of the gospel — the good news of God’s love. We do not take this lightly. In fact, ELEVATE exists to ensure that the church is left off in a better place than we found it. We know how important it is for young adults to engage in multi-generational worship and accountability, so we emphasize engagement with the local church.


When Jesus came to town, everyone was excited. Not simply because he brought the gospel (though he certainly did bring it), but because he brought healing to the sick, sight to the blind, relief to the disheartend, and comfort to the oppressed. Jesus served as much as he taught. We want to follow his lead. At ELEVATE we are looking for ways to serve Collin County in short and long term ways thru collaborative initiatives and partnerships.



We are better together. One of the biggest tragedies of our time is the perception that the church is more competitive than collaborative. We believe God is raising a generation that will champion unity and cooperation in order to have larger impact in our communities. That’s why we are a ministry that is supported by partnering churches (and are not a non-profit). We also pursue working with non-profits in our county (and getting them to work together as well) in order to scale up the impact for those hurting in our county. TOGETHER matters. TOGETHER changes things.


As a young adult, you don’t need to wait to take your place in church history. God has a place and task for you right now. We embrace empowerment over excellence. We believe God wants to shape and develop young adults through service and training. When young adults are given the opportunity to step into key roles of ministry, or tasked to work on a team, they move closer to an “owner” mentality. There’s no need to wait. God can use your passion and zeal for his purposes right now, either in ELEVATE or in your local church!


We’re not meant to go at it alone. Community is one of the largest cravings of young adults. We are continually growing as a Christ-centered community (spiritually and otherwise) where lifelong relationship can be formed. We have a blast with volleyball and ultimate frisbee and movie nights, but we also pursue serving together, and connecting in small groups in order to care for others, and be cared for. Discipleship is easier with other disciples.


Jesus asks us to go and make disciples. This means pursuing God’s will for your life, and helping others pursue His will for theirs. We desire to help young adults learn how to incorporate spiritual disciplines, and how to practically  allow a Christ-centered worldview to effect everyday life and decision-making. We are always looking for ways to facilitate growth in our prayer, worship and service and to promote responsibility for personal spiritual growth through scripture and prayer.